Some fun minigames from your fun Pokémon. What could be funner? Is "funner" even a word? I don't know.

Marill is in a bind. Seems like this Pokémon
picked the wrong place to go diving for aquatic
plants to eat. There are two hungry piranha fish
just waiting for a Marill meal. How long can Marill
survive? If you touch the fish, you lose health.
Get the health down to 0 and it's game over for
the cute little critter. Use the d pad to move
Marill around the screen.
Electrode was rolling around on the sidewalk one
sunny summer evening when he spotted a bolt of
lightning. He likes them so he went to go get it.
And then another appeared. And another! But
Electrode has to be careful: Patrolling the area is
a Magcargo. Bump into him and it's game over!
Use the sides of the screen to get away, the Magcargo
can't move there. Use left and right to roll Electrode
around the screen.
It's no secret: kangaroos like jumping. The same is
true in the Pokémon world. And this Kangaskhan is
bent on jumping as high as he possibly can. To help
him are some platforms to jump on, but if you miss
both, the Kangashkan falls to his untimely death.
Use left and right to move Kangaskhan around the
screen. Kangaskhan jumps automatically, so there's
no need to worry about that.

Version 15
last updated: September 17, 2018.
Included in the zip file is the source code as well as the ROM file for you to try on the PokéMini emulator.

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