Odyssey 2 programming: A beginner's guide.

So you want to program for the Odyssey 2? Great! We need more people here. The following link should provide everything you need for the long journey ahead of you.

A Zip file containing the basics.
This file has ASW, a program that turns .a48 files into actual Odyssey 2 programs using some sort of witchcraft. ;) In the folder called "bin" is just about everything you need. I've also included the file called g7000.h since this is also needed. To show how ASW does its magic, I've included an .a48 file (i11.a48) which you can use the file called thing.bat to make into a .bin file which you can then play on your Odyssey 2 emulator of choice, or multicart if you're lucky enough to own one.

So how does one make an .a48 file? Simple, just type your code into a program like Notepad. I prefer a program called "Programmers' Notepad" since that shows line numbers which are needed in case you make an error. Just save your program as "example.a48", and that should make an .a48 file on your computer called "example". This should be in the aswcurr/bin/ part. Since there is no BASIC compiling program for the Odyssey 2, you need to know assembly, especially for a 8048 machine. But hey, if I can learn the basics of it, ANYONE can.

I've added a simple tutorial on how to move a sprite around the screen. You can download it here.

So if I made an error so far, please tell me. (either contact me @ videopac.nl/forum/ (user name "Chris!", don't forget the exclamation point), or at AtariAge (user name "atari2600land") or e-mail me at atari2600land@yahoo.com.