francis ichabod cranium 8.

francis ichabod cranium 8
went for a ride on a flying plate
shot waffles with pencils because pencils they hate
can francis make doom the waffles' fate?

this is a game for the atari 2600. it's a shooting game done in 2k, just to see if i could do so.
move francis around with the joystick and fire horizontally with the fire button.
the pencils shoot out in the direction francis was last moving.
set the b&w/color switch to black and white to play in black and white.
this is a work in progress, and is far from finished.
but it's a game now. you start with three lives. Each time a waffle hits you you lose a life, and you have to wait a couple of seconds to press fire to start up again.
the pretzels don't harm you. In fact, if you touch one, you become invincible for a short time. To tell if Francis is invisible or not, his shirt color will change.
binary file. | code.
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