"This stupid time machine won't work!" Dan said as he entered the professor's time machine.

"Sure it will," answered Professor Falck. "And to kill stuff, you'd better take this." He handed Dan a rifle. It turned out to be quite handy.

The professor punched a few buttons and poof. Dan opened the time machine's doors and saw a dinosaur.

Thus begins "Dinosaur," a new, work-in-progress game created and coded by me for the Atari 2600. I've decided to forego assembly on this one and isntead use batari BASIC for this game. Which is proving to be a good choice because I need bankswitching above 4k and I don't know how to do that in assembly.

In the game, Dan is trying to find the lost gold Professor Falck had dropped while he visited the year 4,700,000 B.C. Watch out, as there are dinosaurs roaming around. Luckily, the professor put a rifle in. Shoot the dinosaurs because if they touch you, they start gnawing on you and you lose some health. Make sure the health meter is above 0 (you can actually see it.) Because once it goes away, it's to 0 and Dan is dead.

playing "Dinosaur"
joystick - move Dan.
fire - use gun.

downloading current builds of "Dinosaur" last updated - Sept. 23, 2017 @ 2:35pm.
binary file for use in emulator or Harmony.
batari BASIC file for use in Visual bB.

"Dinosaur" made and copyright 2017-8 by Chris Read.