for the channel f.

It's a lovely day for golfing. Armed with your trusty golf club, you go out on the golf course. Well, now you can play golf on your favorite video game console even when it's raining outside (or snowing!)

notes on version 34.
Changed hole #8 and fixed a tree bug.

The longer you hold down fire, the farther the shot will be. Then, when you're ready, with fire still pressed, move the joystick in the direction you want the ball to go, then depress fire. Then, once the ball stops, the guy is placed at the ball and you shoot again.

what I plan to do:
+ 1 more hole of fun.

download golf. version 34. last update: may 24, 2019.
this has everything: code, ROM, include files.

copyright 2019, atari2600land.