Bob was invited to the king's castle for a yummy dinner with the king. Not wanting to pass up the opportunity, Bob went. Little did Bob know that the king was nowhere to be seen. Bob opened the door to the castle. The door locked behind him. He couldn't get out. The only other option was to open the door ahead of him...


the main objective of "castle of doom" is to get out of the castle. but waiting for you are bats and bottomless pits. the main objective to each room is to get to the door. To jump, press fire. to move left and right, press left and right. To enter a door, stand in front of it and press up.

game download.

last updated: november 26, 2018 at 7:38am if you press up+fire, you can start at the newest screen. Otherwise you'll go to the beginning. The newest screen thing will be removed when the game is finished.
zip file with binary and basic file.

game made in bB for the 2600 by chris read.