Little-Known But Still Good

This article is about games that hardly anybody know about, but should because they're just so darn fun. I'll add some more games once I find them.

Similar to Pac-Man, with the dot-eating and ghost-dodging, but instead of ghosts, it's jawbreakers and instead of Pac-Man, you're a set of teeth (dentures?). What makes this game especially good is that you can use the borders to escape the jawbreakers that move from left to right (or vice versa) across the rows. A cut-scene once you've eaten the dots has the teeth getting brushed by a toothbrush.
Elk Attack
I don't know why this game has that name. There's no elk, but it sure is fun! The object of the game is to land on every square on the screen. Once you get off it, it disappears. The game moves very fast, a la Pac-Man. The only bad thing is, when you're in a black space, it automatically pulls you to the square in the direction that got you out of a place with the square, like in this picture.
Beany Bopper
A game based on a pun (Teeny Bopper). You know those stupid hats with the propellers on them that only stupid people wear? Have you always wanted to shoot them? Well, in this game, you can! Only trouble is, nobody's wearing them, so there's no heads exploding.