Argh! Scary Games

Dim the lights, it's Halloween! Time to play some of the scariest Atari 2600 games there are!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre/Halloween
Each based on their respected movies, both games are atrociously horrible. Horrible as in the gameplay. In "Massacre," you are the guy with the chainsaw, trying to chop up little kids. How horrible is that? At least in "Halloween" you're trying to run away from the villain in the film.

Haunted House
A classic spooky favorite, these pair of wandering eyes go through an Adventure-style world filled with ghosts, bats, and the like.

Frankenstein's Monster
Despite playing it, I don't know much about it, except that you move around in the style of Donkey Kong. Anybody with info, e-mail me.

It has ghosts. That, and the game's quality is downright scary.