News Archives: 2012

10/31/13 Plim.
I've decided to restart Plim again. Read about it here. Happy Halloween!

9/3/13 Castle of Doom.
I've decided to pick up this old game idea. Read about it here

8/22/13 It's been a while.
Stuff that has happened since the last update: You can now make 64k bB games thanks to AtariAge member RevEng. I've been working on making Plim 64k, and I think I've done it.

5/24/13 Collection update
added Princess Rescue to game list.

5/18/13 More MP3s
I added a few more MP3 files.

5/16/13 New section added!
Check out the MP3 section.

5/9/13 Plim.
Check out my semi-new project called Plim.

4/9/13 nothing new.
Nothing new to report except the fact i'm still alive.

2/9/13 Eat Dem Bananaz

12/30/12 My First Hack!
check out the "SpongeBob SquarePants: Workin' At the Krusty Krab!" page and download my WIP hack!

12/8/12 Explosive Diarrhea.
check out my latest game: Explosive Diarrhea!

10/24/12 Article amended again.
Added "Chetiry" to the list of 32k games.

8/16/12 Super Mario Bros. 2600
AtariAge member Sprybug has been working on a 2600 version of SMB. You can also watch a video of it in action.

8/7/12 Article amended.
Added "Space Rocks" to the list of 32k games.

7/6/12 New Addition
Got Klax about a week ago. Collection now stands at 329 games.

5/15/12 Jex.
I'm making another 2600 game called Jex. And during the development, I can test it on real hardware to make sure it works because I just bought a Harmony cart! (that is, if I can get the Harmony cart working.) Read about the game and downloads here.

5/3/12 Extra Terrestrials binary file released!
Download it here.

4/28/12 i
I've shelved Super Mario 64 2600 for now in favor of the I game I worked on last year. You can view my progress here.

4/24/12 Super Mario 64 2600
to all the doubters...

4/14/12 Hi
I've been busy updating the website adding new stuff, just stuff that you can't get to if you're just looking for it here. You have to know where to look kinda stuff.

2/23/12 Game collection update
Now at 328 with Motorodeo.

2/14/12 New game
...wrong holiday.

2/09/12 Six Year Anniversary!
Can you believe this site has been on the internet for 6 years now?! Neither can I. Well, anyway, I feel like celebrating with a contest where the winner gets something really cool! Details soon. This is a separate thing from the Alien Greed 4 label contest, which you can read about here

1/12/12 Happy New Year!
Hope you had a happy new year. Nothing to report here.