News Archives: 2011

12/20/11 New Icon

12/10/11 Personal Collection Update
Now at 326.

11/20/11 More Celery.
Take a look at level 2 of the celery game. The link is below.

10/18/11 Celery.
Take a look at my newest game I'll probably work on for a month and then forget about and/or give up on.

10/8/11 New game of mine
Added a game to my personal 2600 collection. Now at 325.

9/20/11 32k Game Page Update
Added Frantic.

8/23/11 Atari Gets Greedy
Apparently, Atari the corporation is targeting websites that have the name "Atari" in their URL, forcing cease and desist orders. So if this site goes down, you'll know why.

7/30/11 Collection Update
Now at 324 with Miniature Golf.

7/29/11 New 2k Game in the works
A new game by AA User "wickeycolumbus" is tentatively called "Muncher." Read about the game and download it here.

7/18/11 Collection updated
Now at 323 with Subterranea.

7/9/11 2600tris
I'm back on working on 2600tris again. Check it out here.

7/4/11 Happy Fourth of July!
Hi, I'm still here and have been working on a secret project I hope to unveil before the end of the year.

6/8/11 Mr. E Magin
Here's a glimpse of a new game I'm working on called "Mr. E Magin."

6/1/11 One-Button Bob
AA Member "yuppicide" has suggested a bB version of One-Button Bob. So I'm working on it. You can find it here.

5/17/11 Sorry
Yeah, I know, I haven't been updating THIS page, but I have been updating a lot of other things, like My newly-made Odyssey page.

4/8/11 Another Game Added
Added Ghost Manor/Spike's Peak to my personal collection. Now at 322.

4/4/11 New Game Added
Added Cosmic Swarm to my personal collection. Now at 321.

3/29/11 Nothing new
Hey kids, I just thought I'd tell you I'm still alive. The AtariAge forums has had a new skin makeover since the last update. If you haven't already, why not go check it out!

2/26/11 I'm back!
Gee, it's been almost a month since I last updated here?! I really need to get on top of things!

1/31/11 Nothing New
But have been updating the new Super Mario Bros. 1 page like crazy.

1/22/11 Collection Update
Added Master Builder.

1/14/11 Hi
No new stuff from me.

1/2/11 Actual Site Update!
Happy New Year from Atari 2600 Land! To celebrate, I added a MIDI to the MIDI section.