News Archives: 2009

12/25/09 Merry Christmas!
Have a happy and safe Christmas and New Year. And also, I'm celebrating the site's 4th birthday on 1/2 (has it been *that* long?!)

12/16/09 Hi.
I don't have anything to say, I'm just updating to tell you i'm still alive.

12/5/09 2600tris Update
I'm still working on 2600tris. I got optional music plus some other things I changed. Look at it here.

11/29/09 2600tris
Sorry I haven't been updating the site like I normally should. I have been working on Tetris 2600 and have decided to rename it 2600tris. The link down on 11/12/09 still works to get the latest updates, though.

11/12/09 Tetris 2600 update
I'm back working on it. Find the latest version here.

10/31/09 It's Halloween!
Have a happy and safe Halloween!

10/22/09 Update
I went back to working on GoSub for the Virtual Boy.

10/12/09 Columbus Day
I'm working on T&P2. Happy Columbus Day!

10/6/09 Kind of a special announcement
GeoCities is closing on October 26, and since nobody really has told me whether Yahoo! Small Business is part of GeoCities, if this website should happen to disappear around then, I will try to resurrect it ASAP with the same URL, if not a different one. If you know the answer, please e-mail me under Contact at the top there.

10/5/09 I'm still here...
...And have been working on Terrance & Phillip 2.

9/23/09 Collection update

9/21/09 Still Here
Hi kids. I'm still here with nothing now, but I may have an announcement to make soon. Or maybe not, I don't know.

9/15/09 New Computer
I haven't been updating my personal 2600 collection because I got a new computer that DIDN'T come with Adobe Acrobat Reader. For those of you keeping score, I now have 292 Atari 2600 games.

9/6/09 Update
I'm still alive, but nothing to show for it.
8/26/09Duck Attack
Will Nicholes has just revealed a very cool project he has been working on for the Atari 2600 called "Duck Attack". Yes, this is for the Atari 2600, one of the best games graphically speaking so far. You can check it out here at the Atari Age thread topic.

8/22/09 Collection update
Added London Blitz.

8/20/09 Most Wanted
Added a page of games I want.

8/18/09 MIT
AtariAge member "jrok" is at it again, this time creating a SMB clone for the 2600 with a current title of "Mega Italian Twins," or MIT for short. You can find the latest news on it here.

8/8/09 Hi.
I'm still alive. I don't have anything new, though.

7/24/09 Added To 32k Games Article
Added Ballblazer (WIP)

7/20/09 Dropped In
Just dropped by to say I'm still here. Nothing new, though.

7/13/09 Collection Updated
Now up to 288.

7/9/09 Favorites Icon Added
I added an icon to the site. It's the alien's head from the alien in the Alien Greed series.

7/7/09 Charge!
AtariAge member "jrok" is working on a new batari BASIC game called Charge! You can find out more by clicking here.

7/6/09 Collection Update
I got 4 new games in the mail.

7/5/09 32K Games Article Update
The 32K games article has been updated with the release of the Mega Man Demo ROM on AtariAge.

7/3/09 Collection Update
I've added a few games to my list. Happy Fourth of July!
6/25/09 Tetris 2600
I've been working on a 2600 version of Tetris. You can view it here.

6/17/09 2600 Collection Update
Added a few games since last time.

6/3/09 2600 Collection Update
Added Squish 'Em.

6/1/09 2600 Collection Update
Added He-Man and Rampage.

6/1/09 Update
Sorry I haven't been updating. GoSub 2 is in the process of being released, but it won't be quite yet.

5/15/09 2600 Collection Update
I got 6 new games, bringing my total to 270.

5/11/09 New Article
I've added a new article about the newest homebrewing "craze," RAM games.

5/5/09 Cinco De Mayo
I'm still alive. Happy Cinco De Mayo to our Latino friends.

4/20/09 Update
Stacker has been released. I'm still working on GoSub for the Virtual Boy. I've updated my personal 2600 collection.

4/5/09 I'm still alive.
And still working on Stacker.

3/24/09 Hi.
Sorry I haven't been posting lately. I've been busy working on Stacker

3/10/09 MIDI Page Update
Added my MIDI of Raft Rider and Joao Buaes's MIDI of Gyruss.

3/7/09 Collection Updated
Added Raft Rider, Off the Wall and Lost Luggage.

2/27/09 Personal Collection Up
After spending a half-hour or so trying to get CutePDF to work, I finally did, and my personal collection list in pdf format is now up for all to see.

2/20/09 JatB Update
I'm almost done, but it will probably be until Summer until it's released, anyway, that's why I'm sticking with Summer 2009 as the release date. It still needs a publisher, though.

2/11/09 Jack & the Beanstalk update
JATB is still being worked on. It's moving along quite nicely, although I am not having much fun working on the kinks and bugs that are associated with bB-game designing. It is such a relief once they finally disappear after trying dozens of things and spending a few hours on it. :) I'm hoping to have this completed by this summer (Q2 2009.)

1/25/09 Hi.
I don't have any real updates, just checking into the website saying I'm still here.

1/17/09 Jack & the Beanstalk back in production
JATB is being worked on again.

1/8/09 Jack & the Beanstalk update
JATB is on a one-month hiatus while I relax from working too hard on it.

1/3/09 Happy New Year!
Work on Jack & the Beanstalk is progressing nicely.