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2019 stuff.

Billy, the Claustrophobic Ball march 16, 2019
It's a lovely game I just started working on for the Atari 26OO.

Celery continuation february 10, 2019
Continuing work on The Adventures of the 50-Foot-Tall Stalk of Celery.

2018 stuff.

Return to the Castle of Doom december 19, 2018
Returning to work on Castle of Doom, the 2600 game I was making. I hope to have it completed for the most part by the end of the year.

Quest of the Cranberry september 1, 2018
meet Craig the Cranberry in the new Channel F game I'm making.

Good Luck Charlie Brown ROM released august 23, 2018
This completely flew under the radar, like Charlie Brown's kite, but the game has finally been dumped for all to enjoy. You can grab it here.

White Water Madness july 17, 2018
Began work on a new game. View it here.

Atari cofounder Ted Dabney dies may 26, 2018
He was 80 years old. And this website is still here, so yippee.

this website's future uncertain april 20, 2018
I don't know how much longer this website will be around. At least for another month or so, but afterwards, I don't know. It may end on May 25, or it may not. So if you have lots of stuff you like and visit, you may want to save them now.

castle of doom april 6, 2018
I'm back working on Castle of Doom, the challenging Atari 2600 game.

chris's casino march 28, 2018
The Virtual Boy bug bit me again. I'm working on a new VB game called Chris's Casino. It's groovy.

killer heads of lettuce. february 6, 2018
So now I've discovered that I can have just as much fun programming the Channel F as I can programming the Atari 2600. My second Channel F game is called Killer Heads of Lettuce and is in development.

todd rogers: liar. january 29, 2018
what we all suspected has turned out to have a happy ending: All of Todd Rogers' high scores have been removed and Todd Rogers now has a ban in Twin Galaxies. Todd has been at the center of controversy for many years over his claimed 5.51 score in Dragster. Well, not any more. Also, this site celebrated its 12th birthday on the internet, and I am working on a secret Atari 2600 game as well.

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